September 2018

Market Watch - Continued Resurgence in The Demand For Housing Ownership
We have seen varying rate of real estate activities this summer. Some regions showed increased sales activity while other areas showed the usual summer slow down. ... read more
The Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection
Take initiative when selling your home and prevent your home inspection from being the "deal breaker"! ... read more
Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall and Winter
As the winter season approaches and the air become crisp, it's time to start thinking about preparing your house for the season. The winter season means spending more time indoors, hence roofs need to shed rain and snow, windows and doors need to reject the cold, and the heating system needs to keep rooms comfortable. If any of these components don't hold up, you might be faced with scrambling around in the wet, cold and dark to fix them. ... read more
The Most Common Home Hazards
Home health risks come in many shapes and forms. They can be found in the air, like smoke, radon, and carbon monoxide. They can also be found in household products, like water and dust, household chemicals and lead. ... read more
Buying an Old House? Important Issues to Look For.
some older homes make your heart skip a beat! It is hard not to fall in love with an older home’s historic unique architecture, gabled roofs, hardwood floors, crown mouldings, and antique light fixtures—older homes definitely have their charm. ... read more

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Happy September!

I often remind you that I view continuous client service as an important part of my business. But, I'm not sure I have ever explained why.

There are two reasons.
First, I really enjoy working with quality people. As I build my business, I want to keep working with quality clients - “good people” - like you.
Second, I hope that by providing you with outstanding service before, during and especially in the months and years after a transaction, I will earn your trust. Then, when a friend or family member needs a good real estate agent, you’ll feel comfortable giving them my name.

So, remember, you can count on me to stay in touch and be here when you need me.
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If you want to improve how your home shows to potential buyers, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a costly remodelling or renovation. In fact, there are some simple - and relatively inexpensive - things you can do to make your property look significantly better.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available:

1. Paint it.

There’s no doubt about it. A fresh coat of paint will significantly improve the appearance of just about any area of your home. In fact, compared to other home improvements, painting will give you the highest return on investment when you sell your property. Think beyond walls. Painting a door, window frame, garage floor or deck can make those features look like new.

2. Declutter it.

Eliminating clutter will make your home look more attractive, roomy and comfortable to buyers. Do an inventory of each room. Ask yourself: “What can I throw out? Give away? Sell? Put into storage?”

3. Put up mirrors.

Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive design feature. Yet, according to an article in Style At Home magazine, they can make small rooms appear bigger and dark rooms seem brighter. You don’t necessarily need to buy wall-hanging mirrors. Standalone floor models will have the same effect.

4. Repair it.

In most cases, you will have to get any needed repairs done anyway. So, do them before you show your home. That way buyers will focus on the appealing features of your property, not the minor defects.

Want more ideas for preparing your home for sale on a tight budget? Call today.

Retrofitting Houses and Condos for Seniors

Many seniors are reaching the stage in their lives when they are choosing to downsize their homes for lifestyle or financial reasons. Other seniors are faced with a more difficult decision. Health and/or mobility concerns may require them to either retrofit their existing home to meet their changing needs, or to seek a more accommodating home.

The decision can be difficult because many simply don’t want to move. In such cases, especially if mobility challenges are arising, wheelchair accessibility may be necessary, not just at the home’s entrance, but under counters, in bathrooms, and through doorways as well. Ramps, elevators and stair-lifts may also need to be considered.

In addition, other small changes may need to be contemplated, such as easy-to-find and easy-to-use switches, possibly with remote or hands-free applications, as well as levers for all door handles. The addition of keyless entrances, remote control security and 24/7 monitoring devices will help put many family members at ease. However, in cases where a retrofit is cost-prohibitive, the logical option may well be to seek a bungalow or well-appointed condo that can be more easily adapted.

What Home Inspectors See that You Can’t

When you make an offer on a home, it’s a smart idea to have a professional home inspector check it out from top to bottom. This inspection will ensure that the property doesn’t have any unexpected “issues”. After all, you don’t want to buy a home only to discover that the roof needs to be replaced, immediately, for thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, you might question whether you really need to invest the few hundred dollars it costs for a professional home inspection. “The home we want to buy looks like it’s in very good shape,” you might be thinking. “I can’t see anything wrong with it.”

However, a professional home inspector can see things you can’t. When you view a property that’s on the market, you might be able to notice obvious issues, like a crack in the foundation or a dripping faucet. If you’re experienced with home maintenance, you might even notice roofing tiles that look like they’re overdue for replacement.

But, most people don’t have the equipment, knowledge or experience to identify all the issues a home inspector can.

A home inspector will, for example, use a special device to check for moisture build-up in the washrooms - which can be an indication of mould. A home inspector will also inspect wiring to make sure everything is safe and compliant with the building code.

That’s not all.

Like a determined detective, a home inspector will investigate the property’s structure, electrical and plumbing systems, insulation, and other components - and then report the findings to you.

In the end, a professional home inspection gives you peace-of-mind and protects your investment. So, getting one is highly recommended - even for recently built homes.

Looking for more ideas on making smart decisions when buying a home? Call today.

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“It’s choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.”
Jean Nidetch
“Character is like a tree, and reputation like its shadow.”
Abraham Lincoln
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
Benjamin Franklin

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